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Manage all interaction analysis with a single tool. Analyze conversations in chat, email, social networks and messaging applications.

Interaction analysis solution at voice and text level (phone calls, e-mail, chat and social networks). Recognizes and fully transcribes every interaction with customers, in order to provide 360° analysis. Able to automatically detect phrases and keywords associated with a certain category (positive or negative) and take automated actions.

Aspects such as agent compliance or customer satisfaction issues are automatically detected in order to improve business indicators. The solution can even trigger the launch of a process flow through any channel and without the need for human intervention. Speech analytics is reliable, accurate and complete, allowing companies to save time and money, as well as reduce error rates.

Speech Analytics uses a phrase recognition algorithm, applied directly against audio or text, which produces very accurate results in a short time, and automatically monitors each agent's use of key skills during all conversations, alerting supervisors when to intervene to improve performance.

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