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It combines the power of the bot in digital channels with the power of live agents.

They offer immediate service at any time of the day. And when built on a solid foundation of knowledge, they can divert traffic away from active agents. That frees up your staff for more complex problems, without sacrificing personal customer service.

While adding more agents to the payroll is an option, at some point it becomes too costly.

Recent chatbot developments allow you to close that gap. Self-service has gone beyond automating routine tasks, especially with messaging channels. This allows you to take pressure off your agents while improving the customer experience.

Your agents also get access to all the information the bot has collected, including contextual information.

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Chatbots enable you to provide better and faster customer support

Customers use self-service for simple problems and agents are freed to handle more complex interactions.

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Chatbots deliver 30% reduction in call volume

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