Successful Voice Biometrics event in Chile

Last Wednesday, May 3rd, we developed, together with Nuance, an event to highlight the importance of Voice Biometrics. This type of protection is being increasingly used in the world, being one of the most effective ways to identify people and protect against fraud.

Voice Biometrics is the verification of an individual based on the characteristics extracted from his or her own voice. Why use it? Because it is fast, secure in case of fraud, and unique.

Another of its main advantages is that it can be applied in various devices and communication channels, such as cell phones, computers, messaging, and when we talk on the phone.

Its business use grew by 48% in the last few years, while 91% of businesses acknowledged that they already use it, or plan to do so in the coming months. 

Among its functionalities are the following:

Backwards search: Compares a voiceprint with all voiceprints in a historical collection to see if a newly identified fraudster tried or succeeded to access your system. 

Biometric clustering: compares all voiceprints from the same collection of calls to detect and alert similar-sounding voices.

For e-Contact, Voice Biometrics is also a key pillar of our service, and of what we offer to our customers. We are your trusted partner in technological solutions. Come and meet us at .