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Unleash the potential of your team with an integrated set of tools that will help you manage, develop and engage them with your customers.

Take your contact center to the next level
We develop and implement a solution according to your needs.

Our solutions allow you to work with your employees to get the best out of each of them

At e-Contact we work with you to provide you with the best platforms so you can empower your agents and improve your customers' experience.


Why is the commitment of your agents important?

It is critical to ensure that your employees are happy, motivated and empowered to succeed. 

According to Gartner, the right Employee Engagement strategy can generate a 19% increase in productivity, an 11% increase in customer satisfaction and reduce attrition by 25%.

The best experience

Give your agents the digital tools they need to deliver the they need to deliver the experience your customers demand.

Train your employees to solve your customers' queries at the first contact, with personalized and specific comments and advice.

Take advantage of real-time analysis and reporting on KPI performance, quality results and schedule adherence. With this, you will be able to facilitate your supervisors' comprehensive evaluation of agents and provide them with valuable information about their own performance.

Get up and running quickly with a rapid implementation that takes days, not months.

Optimize staffing requirements with accurate omnichannel forecasting.

Use your resources more efficiently by eliminating manual WFM processes involved in generating and managing forecasts and schedules.

It records up to 100% of interactions and meets regulatory requirements for implementing effective and scalable coaching programs.

Reduce onboarding, administration and maintenance efforts with a single interface.

Ensure all your contact data is always up to date and accurate by eliminating data synchronization issues.

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Provide the tools your agents need and discover :

Better resolution

Give them the tools they need to do their jobs effectively and make sure their systems are easy to use. Give them the confidence to answer customer questions with a unified agent dashboard and an integrated knowledge base.

Improved performance

Give your agents better visibility into their performance with powerful real-time reporting. Add a better boost to your relationship with your supervisors with effective training and evaluation tools.

Better work-life balance

Flexible work schedules and easy shift changes.